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Are you called into business, science, the arts, law, politics or education? An apologetics major might be right for you!

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Apologetics—which comes from the Greek word meaning “defense” (apologia)—is the sub-discipline in theology and philosophy that helps Christians know and show the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christianity. It involves answering objections raised against the reasonableness and desirability of Christianity as well as offering positive reasons for believing Christianity is true to the way the world is (i.e., reasonable) and true to the way the world ought to be (that is, desirable). This undergraduate degree in apologetics aims to equip students to know and show the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christianity.

What Can I Do with this Degree?

  • Pastor
  • Teacher of apologetics, philosophy, and the Bible
  • Evangelist
  • Ministry leader
  • Public intellectual
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Artist
  • Scholar

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Program Details

About the School of Ministry

The School of Ministry is all about equipping. We equip passionate young people with the earthly tools and spiritual perspective needed to create positive change in the world guided by the Word of God. We promise a connected, engaging and fulfilling learning experience that will equip you to use your gifts for His Glory. Our programs prepare students through expert instruction in Bible, theology, history and real-world ministry skills.

As a student majoring in any of the undergraduate programs offered in the School of Ministry, you’ll wade into an ocean of diverse learning opportunities designed to prepare you to positively impact lives.

  • Gain specialized training in ministry
  • Experience spiritual growth with a deeper understanding of God and His Word
  • Practice your ministry abilities through internships, practicum experiences and field service activities
  • And travel on any of PBA’s more than 20 annual mission trips

Our Apologetics Degree

While a few other schools offer an apologetics degree, ours is unique. PBA’s three full-time philosophy of religion professors in the School of Ministry are widely respected in the evangelical Christian philosophy and apologetics world, known for their ground-breaking books and essays in cultural apologetics, natural theology, philosophy of religion, Christian philosophy, and more.

Given the need to raise up thoughtful Christians and future Christian apologists to serve the church and bear witness to Jesus, and the depth of experience and expertise in apologetics by PBA’s faculty, we think this program will be a clear stand out over its competitors.

In particular, Dr. Paul Copan is a leading expert on Old Testament ethics and the argument for morality, Dr. Paul M. Gould is the recognized leader in an emerging area called “cultural apologetics,” and Dr. Brandon Rickabaugh is passionate about the intersection of apologetics, spiritual formation, and the nature of persons.

We think that the missional, pastoral, and scholarly ethos of PBA’s Philosophy of Religion faculty sets us apart from all the competitors in the apologetics world.

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Course Catalog

PBA awards over three million dollars in scholarships every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive financial aid.

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